About Tattoo Media Ink

Tattoo Media Ink started publishing the magazines formerly owned by Art & Ink Enterprises, in 2014. Casey Exton, Art & Ink Enterprises founder and consultant, wanted to see the publications taken into the future and put into the right hands, so he decided to hand over the reins to the staff at Tattoo Media, because he knew we had our finger on the pulse of the tattoo community. Art & Ink Enterprises had been publishing the world’s best tattoo and biker magazines for 30+ years and Tattoo Media Ink has now taken the responsibility of bringing these publications well into the future, featuring only the best work that the tattoo community has to offer.

As most tattoo professionals know, these publications have always brought the best time honored news, history, and events of the tattoo culture to life for the tattoo community. Currently, our publications are still dominant with the traditional and new tattoo culture, even with the fashion ink publication frenzy. What sets us apart from the other publications is that these magazines are made by artists and for artists. We still represent the real, most reliable inside resources and information for the tattoo industry. It is from this high ground that we formally announce our new leadership that will enhance and expand all our publishing capabilities in the future.

Our ultimate vision is to extend and empower our existing publishing legacy; keeping our tattoo community informed, inspired and empowered. We will strive to connect with the best and latest content on tattoo history, trends, techniques, technology, new products and product reviews. The Tattoo Media staff aspires to inform and invest in today’s tattoo artists, building a better future for the tattoo art of tomorrow.

Our existing publications: Skin Art, Tattoo Revue, Outlaw Biker, TABU Tattoo, Tattoos for Men and Tattoos for Women; are and always will be the ORIGINALS; the founding publications in the tattoo industry. To them, we will bring the latest technology with digital download subscriptions, and staying active on social media platforms. We strive to keep a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., to facilitate the content of our publications for the industry that we love. You will see only the best content – content by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists. For the tattoo community, our publications will represent sincere connectivity over issues that face the tattoo artists of today, and the tattoo artists of tomorrow. We will feature some of the best tattoo artists in the world with exclusive content you will not see anywhere else, to further our goal of keeping our finger on the pulse of today’s tattoo community.

—Philip Meraglia – Editor In Chief

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