Tattoos For Men Issue 114 Is On Sale Now! Cover Artist: Myke Chambers!

Tattoos For Women Issue 122 / Tattoos For Men Issue 114 features tons of artists, tattooing, interviews, artwork, models, designs, inspiration and so much more. This issue features 50 pages of Tattoos For Women and 50 pages of Tattoos For Men in one magazine! On the Tattoos For Women side of this magazine, you will find legendary tattooer and industry pioneer KARI BARBA on the cover with an exclusive interview inside by THE TATTOO JOURNALIST! Also in Tattoos For Women Issue 122, you will find exclusive feature articles and interviews with artists & models including AMY BLACK, IZI ARAGON, KARLLA MENDES and JINGXI! The women’s side also features a 6 month “best of” Tattoos For Women calendar! All that and so much more in the first half of the magazine! The Tattoos For Men side features the incomparable and talented tattoo artist MYKE CHAMBERS gracing our cover and inside pages with an in depth interview conducted by our very own DAN HENK! Also inside Tattoos For Men Issue 114 you will find articles and tattoo artist interviews with the likes of SCHRAIL EDMUND, ALEXANDRE ZOLDAN and GOSHAN MOSKOVSKY! The men’s side also features a 6 month “best of” Tattoos For Men calendar!

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