Beautiful Tattoo Model SOUR HEART Is On The Cover Of Tattoos For Women Magazine Issue 121!

The new split issue of Tattoos For Women #121 / Tattoos For Men #113 is on sale now! This issue features the beautiful tattoo model Sour Heart on the cover! Grab a copy of this issue right here on this website using this link. PICK UP A COPY HERE! Follow us on Instagram HERE! Follow Sour Heart at @sour_heart1

Tattoos For Women Issue 121 / Tattoos For Men Issue 113 features tons of artists, tattooing, interviews, artwork, models, designs, inspiration and so much more. This issue features 50 pages of Tattoos For Men and 50 pages of Tattoos For Women in one magazine! On the Tattoos For Men side of this magazine, you will find the ever talented tattooer GEORGE LANGE on the cover and an exclusive article on him inside! Also in Tattoos For Men Issue 113, you will find exclusive feature articles and interviews with artists like WILLIAM RAMIREZ, DAVID GROTH, DENIS TORIKASHVILI & VLADIMIR KOMISSAROV! All that and so much more in the first half of the magazine! The Tattoos For Women side features the beautiful tattoo collector & model SOUR HEART gracing our cover and inside pages with an awesome photoshoot! Also inside Tattoos For Women Issue 121 you will find in depth articles and tattoo artist interviews with CHRISTIANE BRYAN, MEGHAN PATRICK & ANGELIQUE GRIMM! This issue also features an in depth article on tattoo photographer ELVIA IANNACCONE GEZLEV! This split issue has a little something for everyone and it will sell out! Get yours NOW!


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